Here is a list of upcoming guests so if you have any questions for any of them submit them to us with the opening statement: This is a question for... so we know who to ask. And of course if you have any questions for me submit them too and I'll try and get to them also. 

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Lt. Col David Grossman - Scholar, Speaker, Author - On Killing, On Combat, Ranger

Larry Yatch - US Navy SEAL ret., Business Mentor, Leadership Instructor

Tommy Gong - Jeet Kune Do Practitioner, instructor, author of Brue Lee...The Evolution: A Martial Artist

Royce Gracie - UFC Hall of Famer, Martial Arts Legend, 3 time UFC Champion

Micah Clark - Former Navy Corpsman, Founder of Camp Patriot

Gerret Machine - IDF Special Operations Operator, Author

Jeff Jaffe - Business Entrepreneur, CEO of Shomer-Tec - Interesting Gadgets, Survival and Spy Gear.

David Morrell - Author - Known as the father of Rambo - First Blood and many other books

Tom Foster - Known as Crazy Fast Cracker, Biker, Custom Harley builder extraordinaire, Rocket Scientist

Master Chief Dave Hall - US Navy SEAL Ret.

John Clements - Medieval Combat Expert, Author and Combat and Fighting instructor in Historical Combat

Underground Railroad - The organization that goes in and frees victims from the sex slavery trade

Jason Hanson - Former CIA Officer, Author - Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life, CEO of Spy Escape and Evasion

Randy Couture - UFC Champion, UFC Hall of Famer and Founder of Xtreme Couture G.I. Foundation

Affliction Clothing - Jose Mangin - The brand that started it all.

William Shepherd - Bill (Shep) Shepherd US Navy SEAL ret., NASA Astronaut, former head of the US Space Station Program.

Captain Rob Krott - US Army Captain ret., Harvard Graduate, Author and professional soldier having served all over the world.

Randy Meistrell - Owner of Body Glove, Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Surfer

Robert Spencer - Author, Historian, Founder of Jihad Watch

Jim Irvine - Founder of the Company Faster which trains and arms school teachers against active shooters

Ed - Former drug interdiction specialist operating south of the U.S. Border

Ricky Johnson - Off Road vehicle specialist, military trainer in off-road vehicles and motorcycles

Kelly Worden - Jeet Kune Do Specialist, Founder of Renegade JKD and Trainer of Natural Spirit International 2nd Ranger Battalion in Hand-to-Hand Combat.

Kayak Grant Thompson - Head of the Largest ECO Tourism Kayaking operation in the World.

Little Bear - Man of Mystery. Rock and Roll security specialist having worked with the biggest names in music history.

Lifter Dave Abrahmson - Leather-working specialist, original member of Usual Suspects Network, Power Lifter

Harry Humphries - US Navy SEAL ret. Technical adviser on the most realistic military movies over the last three decades

Vladimir Vasiliyev - Russian Spetsnaz trainer in hand to hand combat, author, systema instructor

John Hollister - Former Police Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, runs Sig Arms Silencer Program

Derek Obatake - Founder and Owner of Steel Flame - Rock and Roll Jewelry

John Weisman - NY Times Best Selling Author - Rogue Warrior, Red Cell, Green Team and many other clandestine operations books

Doc Fowler - Physiotherapist to many world class athletes, surfers and UFC and MMA fighters

Command Master Chief Dennis Chalker - Denny "Snake" Chalker - US Navy SEAL ret. Plank owner ST-6, Red Cell, Formerly in charge of all UDT/SEAL BUD/S program - Author, Trainer, etc.

Brad Premo - Owner and Founder of Leadslingers Whiskey

Evan Hafer - Owner and Founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company

Charlie Moyer - Co-Founder of Badass Beard Care