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“Every Man A Warrior until Death”

The Celtic Tribes of The British Isles were never conquered. Even The Might of the Roman Legions, one of the most powerful war machines in human history was never able to subjugate the fierce tribes of the British North. After years of brutal warfare they resigned to constructing a barrier, Hadrian’s Wall, across the entire Island of Britain in an attempt to just hold the Celtic Tribes at bay. Fearing neither the enemy nor death, the legacy of the Celtic Warriors was handed down to hundreds of generations throughout history producing a culture of warrior that rival any other the world has ever known. Always driven by a ferocious resolve, unbreakable pride and a granite faith, this legacy still resounds today throughout all corners of our Western culture.

Nothing describes this legacy more clearly than these ancient words in Gaelic; “ Laech Cach Fer Co Bas” – ”Every Man A Warrior Until Death. “

Every man who is a true Warrior will know the real meaning of those words.